Ganbare! Japanについて|About Us

GANBARE! JAPANは日本と深い関わりのあるメンバーが集まり、私たちと同様に東日本大震災に胸を痛め、日本の方の励みになりたいと願っている世界中の人たちの想いを集めています。ニューヨークから「ガンバレ!」の声とメッセージを1日1通お届けしていきます。

We are a group of people in New York with deep connections to Japan.  Aware of the caring intentions of many people in the US, we aim to deliver the words of condolence and hope to the people in Japan in the wake of disaster.

In response to the recent Earthquake and Tsunami disasters of March, 2011, GANBARE! JAPAN works to send out these encouraging messages from abroad to uplift the battered, yet resilient people of Japan during these trying times.


2 Responses to Ganbare! Japanについて|About Us

  1. hilary says:

    When i close my eyes, i almost see … when i sleep, i see it clear ,and it is dangerous.
    All along my waking time, i hope for luck and fate to be good fortune for all the people in Japan..a relief when they most need it. The hands of their loved ones and stalwart strangers strong and present, effective and helpful. I hope the wreck which has been left behind becomes mended as quick as could be…Ganbare!

  2. Sierra says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with all of you!!!! Stay strong and know people across the world care and are praying for you
    much love,

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